Workshop with IMPROschmimpro

On November 10th we organised a workshop where we were honoured to have Ole Leirvik from ImproSchmimpro with us to teach us some scenework skills. It was a 6 hour workshop, and had 12 happy attendants – as the header picture shows.

Ole will worked with us on scenework, establishing platform, and characters and developing new show formats. The workshop was open to all, but some experience with improvisation was recommended.

After the workshop there was an improvised theatre show located at Stammen Café & Bar, which made use of the techniques learned through the workshop and included Ole as a special guest!

About Ole Leirvik:
Ole is a teacher and improviser from Trondheim. He holds a BA in drama and theatre and has completed one year of acting studies at Nord university. Ole has been a member, since 2014, of one of Trondheim’s foremost improv groups, IMPROschmimpro.

We thankTrondheim kommune who supported this magnificent event!

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