Improvisation 101: Saying yes, and..!

Come on a journey with us! Through the desert or space, we do not know where it will take us, but we will embrace all the things we are offered with a joyful “yes, and…!”.

Gibberish is proud to announce that we will have an introductory workshop in improvisational theatre with the professional improvisers from ClickImprov! This workshop is perfectly suited for people who want to try out improv and learn about the benefits of un-blocking and accepting what you are offered by your fellow improvers, but also friends, family and colleagues in daily life. For those who have tried improv before the workshop offers exercises in how to go even deeper in a fundamental rule of improv – saying yes, and..!

The number of participants is restricted to 15 people. The workshop costs 150 NOK per person for the professional improvisers from ClickImprov, who will guide us through this amazing evening!

To sign up send an email to – facebook attendance does not guarantee space.

Payment can be done in three ways: Transfer the money to our Vipps number 86376, to our account 12546246599, or bring cash! Mark the transfers with your name, and Improv101.

Time: 18.00 to 21.00 on Wednesday April 19th. Please show up 15 mins before so we can start on time
Place: Kanalrommet at ISAK, Prinsens gate 44.

About the workshop holders:
Tim Orr and Inbal Lori are click. They’ve worked together since 2009, and have discovered that they share a common passion for playing characters and telling stories. Their approach is energetic and unpredictable, as they are equally attracted to many aspects of improvisation: unbridled spontaneity, disciplined narrative storytelling, the physicality of movement and human relationships of all kinds.

Orr and Lori are reluctant to define their shows or in any way explain what they mean:

“Our hope is that you’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride!”

Check out their page for more info

This event has been enabled through funding from Trondheim Kommune

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