August Improv Workshops and a Show with Terje

New in town? Don’t know anyone else? Or are you just stocked up on energy and need a place to release it in a fun way?

The by far best way to kick-start this semester after the summer vacation is to join an improv theatre workshop! Luckily, Gibberish comes to the rescue as the amazing Terje from Impro Neuf is coming to Trondheim for two days to give two workshops and a show!

Terje will give two independent workshops from 17.00 to 20.00 on Wednesday August 8 and Thursday August 9. The Wednesday workshop is open for everyone and the Thursday workshop for those with some experience, both incredibly cheap due to our support from Trondheim kommune. Both workshops will be in English, and have a maximum of 15 participants.

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See below for more info.

DAY ONE, Wednesday August 8: Cool Characters made easy

Cool characters are fun to play with and a great tool to make life on stage easier. In addition, being able to play anyone or anything is a freedom only improv can provide!

This workshop will provide you with tools and tricks to build unique characters on the fly, and help you help others build theirs.

A good character can be recycled forever. Let this workshop help you find a few

Duration: 3 hours
Level: Beginner, intermediate, experienced
Price: 100 NOK

DAY TWO, Thursday August 9: Advancing the scene

Scenes and scene work can sometimes feel like walking in glue, when you should be having the best time of your life. Improv is all about exploration, discovery and having fun, together!

This workshop will take you through various ways of effortlessly pushing a scene forward, without worrying about plot, narrative, relationship, environment etc. Again, let’s make our world easier and more fun!

Duration: 3 hours
Level: Intermediate, experienced
Price: 150 NOK

Payment can be done via bank transfer (12546246599), Vipps (86376) or by cash upon arrival

Participants of DAY TWO might also have the opportunity to join the show which will be at 21.00 the same evening, also at Stammen Café & Bar. This show will show some of the things that have been learned during the workshops, is open for everyone and completely free. Check it out here:

More about Terje:
Terje is the artistic director of Impro Neuf, which according to themselves is “Norway’s largest and most inclusive improv community.” He has been teaching improv in Norway and abroad for the last four years. Since January 2017 he has been teaching weekend intensives for levels 1-3, as well as building the curriculum. He has also studied clowning, mask work and storytelling.

Terje performs regularly in Oslo, mostly as a member of the Impro Neuf ensemble, Marienettes (trio who performs in English), Frie Tøyler and Pusekatt (duoprov in English). In addition he has played at the San Diego Improv Festival, Copenhagen International Improv Festival and Oslo Impro Festival.

These workshops have been supported by Trondheim Kommune

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